"The first SIHMUN conference was thrilling, challenging, yet thought-provoking! I will always remember the fond memories I made with the delegates at SIHMUN."

-Manan Nanda


-Calvin Susanto

"Working for SIHMUN has been with no doubt the highlight of my winter holidays. Networking with all the delegates and speakers was an opportunity not to be missed!"

-Sonja Roethlisberger

"The discovery of a fantastical hospitality conference. I never had such amazing lunches, dinners and coffee breaks in any other MUNs!" 

- Marina Campbell 

" Memorable! "

- Raphaël Dunant


-Roberto Marcone



"Unforgettable, enjoyable, meaningful & successful!"

- Tabea Kappeler

"It was a really fun and rewarding week! "

- Myriam Rigoreau-Belayachi

"Truly remarkable! I will never forget these amazing 5 days!"


"Massively exceeded expectations!"

-Martina Schiess

"One of a kind!"

-Marwan El Chazli