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The external affairs team deals with the public image of the committee and The external relations   By improving our public image, the committee will be able to reach out to more universities worldwide and attract more speakers & audience members. 

  • Analyzes organizational structure, nature of business activities and market position to develop effective strategies to raise brand profile

  • Maintaining strategic business partnerships with other committees, professional associations, sponsors, and suppliers. 

  • Identify potential partnerships & sponsors for our upcoming events. 

  • Coordinate with the Events team to create impactful events & conferences to enhance market impact. 

  • Cooperate with the Marketing team to market and identify opportunities to expand our reach. 


  • Highly enthusiastic 

  • Previous experience in Public Relations/ External Affairs is recommended  

  • Strong interpersonal & good communication skills 

  • Good presentation skills 

  • Good public speaking skills 

  • Good teamwork skills 

  • Work well under pressure 



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The sponsoring team gathers potential investors and sponsors who would be willing to advertise the event. They are the salesmen and women of SIHMUN, as a big part of their job consists of convincing external companies and individuals that this conference is worth their investment. 



  • Develop a sponsoring brochure & plan 

  • Identify potential sources of sponsors & partnerships. 

  • Ensure the acquired funds are being used for the designated purpose. 

  • Work with the External Affairs team in order to bring together a good public image and reach out to sponsors. 

  • Submit regular sponsoring reports to the committee president 

  • Maintain good relationships with sponsors/partners 


  • Highly organized

  • Good with external communications 

  • En/Fr suggested 

  • High attention to detail 

  • Ideally, experience in marketing or sponsorship would be an advantage

  • Good teamwork skills 

  • Highly enthusiastic 

  • Public speaking skills 



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The Marketing team is responsible for our appearance on social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and our committee website. Professional & elegant looking graphics along with well written content will enhance market impact. Furthermore, all campaigns to raise awareness of SIHMUN will be run by the marketing team.  



  • Develop marketing content for all social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Wix website) 

  • In charge of monthly newsletter content release 

  • Develop marketing strategies to penetrate the market and reach out to potential speakers & audience members. 

  • Maintaining committee website 

  • Create eye-catching looking graphics designs for social media platforms 

  • Overseeing & developing marketing campaigns.


  • Knowledge in design apps. (Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) 

  • Knowledge in basic digital marketing & social media management 

  • Good communication skills 

  • Good copywriting & editing skills 

  • Good teamwork skills 

  • Creativity & writing skills 

  • Commercial awareness 

  • Strong attention to detail 



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  • Responds to financial inquiries by gathering, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting data. 

  • Provides financial advice by studying operational issues; applying financial principles and practices; developing recommendations. 

  • Prepares special reports by studying variances; preparing budgets; developing forecasts.


The finance team is in charge of all financial accounts regarding the committee. Budgeting forecast & preparation is important when it comes to preparing a conference for over 100+ delegates. The finance team makes sure every expense is recorded by the committee, making sure no department goes over budget. 

  • Good teamwork skills 

  • Work well under pressure 

  • Thorough understanding of the preparation of balance sheets, good financial accounting skills 

  • Deadline-orientated 

  • Analyzing & budgeting skills 

  • Reporting Research Results

  • Research Skills

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Business Knowledge

  • Budgeting knowledge




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The Events team is responsible for organizing the conference. They Identify the best locations to host, the best restaurants in town, and the best places to visit in Lausanne. Most importantly, they make sure everyone has a good time! The Events team makes sure everything runs smoothly and follows the budget available.


  • Planning & understanding logistics of the conference 

  • In charge of finding a venue, entertainment, catering for conference

  • Responsible for the conference’s smooth operation.

  • Manage all aspects of event planning meeting strict deadlines and budget demands

  • Nurture and build relationships with vendors, venues, and other industry contacts to craft and implement creative and logistical aspects of all events

  • Stay current, and often ahead of the curve, on event planning, design, and production trends, proactively identifying and solving operational challenges


  • Highly organized

  • Good teamwork skills 

  • Work well under pressure 

  • Analytical & Flexible 

  • Quick thinkers & Problem solvers

  • Feel comfortable with leadership

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Knowledge is endless, we'll never get enough of it, just like debating! There's never a dull moment to learning and improving your perspective towards an idea.  The Debate Club is a branch of SIHMUN. At our weekly debates, we discuss technology, agriculture, economics, or even just fun ideas. But constantly researching & thinking of new concepts to debate about isn't easy, so we need your help. We need your creativity and curiosity to bring new ideas to the table. 


  • Researching new topics each week for debate settings. 

  • Help organize weekly debate meetings. 

  • Offer insights, research & study to each debate. 

  • Marketing campaigns for debate sessions 


  • Eager to learn 

  • Creativity & curiosity 

  • Previous experience in debating, rules & regulations 

  • Public speaking skills

  • Research skills

  • Teamwork skills

  • Highly enthusiastic 

  • Organizational skills