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Swiss International Hospitality Model United Nations (SIHMUN) is a conference organized at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, the foremost of its kind.

It is the first Hospitality MUN in the world. Centering around the theme of Tourism we aim to incorporate the ethos of hospitality and how it, in turn, is ingrained in cultures spanning the globe. We want to include our philosophy with the demanding program that EHL has to offer over the five days. With over 100 delegates set to attend from more than 10 world-renowned higher educational institutions, a truly wonderful experience awaits them.




Pollution in oceans coming from cruise ships

Every year billions of gallons of waste are poured into international waters by cruise ships, which are destroying the natural habitat of millions of fish and other sea life in the ocean. There is very weak legislation pushing for the maintenance of our international waters. Cruise organizations state that this is not consequential and would cost companies millions in transportation costs as well as slow down the transport. Should countries enforce stronger legislation and crackdown on these companies? Or is the economic benefit of the tourism industry too vital to break given the technological advancements and leaps we are making?

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